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2023-02 Starlight: Magnify Your World 💫

Welcome to our latest update—minimarks 2023-02 Starlight. This update focuses on improvements that will make everyday bookmarking more convenient. Magnification Effect This update introduces an all-new icon magnification hover effect, giving users an alternative to the previous opacity hover effect. While magnification is the default hover effect, you can change this in the appearance settings. […]

2023-01 Daffodil: Get More Done with New Shortcuts and Actions ✂️📋

Welcome to our first release of the year—minimarks 2023-01 Daffodil. This update introduces practical actions that help you get things done faster and be more productive. Copy links Sometimes you need to copy a URL to share with someone outside minimarks. With Daffodil, we’ve introduced shortcuts to help you copy individual bookmark links and all […]

Open All Your Bookmarks at Once!

Want to speed up your workflow and get more done in less time? You can now open all bookmarks within a collection in just one click 🤩 To open all bookmarks in a collection, select the collection handlebar and click ‘Open All.’ 👉 Please note that for this feature to work correctly, you will likely […]