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General questions

Learn more about our app and service in general.

What is minimarks?

minimarks is a powerful bookmark manager and start page. It's perfect for teams and web enthusiasts who use multiple browsers and for anyone looking to share bookmarks with a colleague, friend, or anyone else.

Why should I upgrade to this bookmark manager?

Whether you're a small business looking for a team start page solution, or an individual looking to upgrade to a compact and minimal bookmark solution, minimarks will help you browse faster and keep your bookmarks organized.

Does your app work on all browsers?

Yes, it does! minimarks was built to work everywhere—Safari, Firefox, Chrome, you name it! Simply set it as your start page or a pinned tab to have your bookmarks in sync across all your browsers and devices.

How is this different from other bookmark managers?

minimarks is the most straightforward bookmark manager for teams and anyone looking to share collections or get organized. Our powerful search function, combined with near-native loading speeds, makes us the ultimate start page for productivity.

How much does it cost?

We have different plans available starting at just $36 per year. Click here to see features and pricing.

Do you offer a free trial?

You can create an account for free and try the app for as long as you like. Please note that the free version is limited to three collections and does not let you share them.

Bookmarks and collections

Save and organize your favorite sites.

What is a collection?

Bookmarks are grouped into collections. You can have one or many collections to help you organize your bookmarks and access them easily.

How many collections can I have?

It depends on your chosen plan. Our Basic plan includes 50 collections, while our Standard plan comes with unlimited collections—so you don't have to worry about running out of room.

How many bookmarks can I have?

We don't limit the number of bookmarks you can have in a collection or in general. For example, you could have hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks in a collection.

How do I search for a bookmark?

You can find bookmarks quickly by entering the page title or URL into the search bar.

How do I sort my bookmarks and collections?

You can arrange your bookmarks and collections by dragging them around.

Sharing collections

Share collections with your team members, family, and friends.

How many team members can I have?

You can have 1-5 team members, depending on your plan. We're working on releasing a Pro plan to enable you to have even more team members.

Will team members be able to edit my collections?

When you share a collection with someone on your team, you can choose whether to let them edit it or view it only.

How many collections can I share?

You can share any number of collections with your team. In other words, we do not limit the number of collections you can share.

Do shared collections stay in sync?

Yes! All team members who are members of a collection will see changes when they reload their page and automatically every few minutes.

Can I stop sharing a collection with a specific team member?

Absolutely! You can remove collection members individually without affecting the remaining members.

Can I share collection with someone outside my team?

Yes! You can share a collection with anyone, as long as you know their email address. Once you share a collection, they will be notified via email and will need to create an account if they don't already have one.

Public collections

Publish collections and share them with the world.

What is the difference between public collections and shared collections?

Public collections can be viewed by anyone who visits your minimarks page, whereas a shared collection is only viewable by users you've shared it with.

How do I share a public collection with someone?

Public collections are accessible via your minimarks URL (

Can anyone see my public collections?

Yes. When you publish a collection, anyone who knows your minimarks URL will be able to see it. Public collections can be made private again at any time.

How many public collections can I have?

We don't limit the number of collections that you can publish.

Can I take down a public collection?

Absolutely. You can make any public collection private again at any time.

We've been using minimarks for a few weeks now. It's hands-down the most straightforward bookmark manager out there. My team and I rely on it to stay connected and share our favorite articles. At this point, I'm not sure what we'd do without it.

Frank Miller

Love the ability to share collections with coworkers and friends quickly. I've tried other so-called bookmark managers, but this is the easiest to implement. I must have close to two dozen collections by now! Highly recommended.

Charlotte Davis

minimarks is a browser must-have at home and the office. I love the minimal UI and the ability to sort bookmarks by dragging them around. Once I realized this thing's power, I decided to make it my start page everywhere (Firefox, Brave, and Safari).

Noah Lewis
We're currently using minimarks to share web apps and design resources with our entire team. It helps our agency stay organized and work better together.
Emma Walker

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