Compact bookmark manager and start page for teams and web enthusiasts.

Fast and nimble

Our compact, simple UI lets you see all of your bookmarks and browse through your entire collections in seconds.

Instant search

Do you prefer using the keyboard? Our built-in search feature enables you to find and launch bookmarks instantly.

Made for sharing

Share collections quickly with anyone on your team. Changes will be kept in sync automagically in the background.

Collect anything

Collect articles, recipes, songs, movies, code snippets, tutorials, and anything else you come across as you browse.

Safe and secure

Bookmarks are private by default. We use bank-level encryption to safeguard your data and keep your account secure.

Publish bookmarks

Looking for a bio link page? You can make any of your collections public and share them with the world in just one click.

Powerful search at your finger tips

Our built-in search feature lets you find any bookmark instantly–making us the most productive start page for teams and heavy browsers.

Browse and search

As you type into the search bar, our app will show all matching bookmarks in real-time—all others will be hidden until you conclude the search.

Type to launch

The top result will appear underneath the search bar. You can open it instantly by pressing return on your keyboard, without using your mouse or trackpad.

Made for sharing

Share collections and keep everyone on the same page.

Work as a team

It's easy to add and remove team members from your account. Team members inherit plan benefits–so they don't need a subscription.

Seamless sharing

The days of emailing articles and links to your coworkers are over. Keep everyone on the same page and enable your team to work seamlessly.

Always in sync

Shared collections are automatically kept in sync, eliminating the need to re-share them whenever you add or remove bookmarks.

Comment and chat with your team

Bookmark comments enable you to communicate your whole team and keep the conversation focused.

Bookmark comments

Keep track of your thoughts and ideas by adding comments to your bookmarks. Comments in shared collections will be automatically shared with your team, so they can view them and reply.

Focused chat

Our comments feature is like a chat room for each bookmark. That way, you can keep conversations organized and centered around a topic, such as an article or website being shared.

Make it yours

Customize the look and feel of your start page.

Reading lists

You can choose to display each collection as an icon grid or as a reading list that shows the page title—it's up to you!

Color themes

Want to customize the look and feel of your start page? We have a selection of color themes available to suit your preference.


We all like to work a little differently, which is why our app lets you change your default search engine, focus the search bar on load, and more.

We've been using minimarks for a few weeks now. It's hands-down the most straightforward bookmark manager out there. My team and I rely on it to stay connected and share our favorite articles. At this point, I'm not sure what we'd do without it.

Frank Miller

Love the ability to share collections with coworkers and friends quickly. I've tried other so-called bookmark managers, but this is the easiest to implement. I must have close to two dozen collections by now! Highly recommended.

Charlotte Davis

minimarks is a browser must-have at home and the office. I love the minimal UI and the ability to sort bookmarks by dragging them around. Once I realized this thing's power, I decided to make it my start page everywhere (Firefox, Brave, and Safari).

Noah Lewis
We're currently using minimarks to share web apps and design resources with our entire team. It helps our agency stay organized and work better together.
Emma Walker

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