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Discover the incredibly compact, ultra-powerful bookmark manager and start page for the modern world. Start organizing and sharing your favorite sites today. Perfect for teams and web enthusiasts.





  5 Team Members

  Unlimited Bookmarks*

  Unlimited Collections*

  3 Spaces

  Most popular




  10 Team Members

  Unlimited Bookmarks*

  Unlimited Collections*

  5 Spaces

  Bookmark Comments

  RSS Collections





  25 Team Members

  Unlimited Bookmarks*

  Unlimited Collections*

  10 Spaces

  Bookmark Comments

  RSS Collections

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Simply powerful

Start page and bookmark manager for the modern world.

Compact design

Our compact, one-page UI makes it easy to see more of your bookmarks and find what you're looking for in a fraction of the time.

Publish collections

You can set up your link-in-bio page in seconds—complete with all your sites and profiles—by publishing a collection.

Instant search

As you search, bookmarks will automatically be shown and the top hit will be suggested so you can launch it right from your keyboard.

Color themes

Looking to switch things up? Choose from one of our beautifully-designed color themes to customize the look and feel of your start page.

We've been using minimarks for a few weeks now. It's hands-down the most straightforward bookmark manager out there. My team and I rely on it to stay connected and share our favorite articles. At this point, I'm not sure what we'd do without it.

Frank Miller

Love the ability to share collections with coworkers and friends quickly. I've tried other so-called bookmark managers, but this is the easiest to implement. I must have close to two dozen collections by now! Highly recommended.

Charlotte Davis

minimarks is a browser must-have at home and the office. I love the minimal UI and the ability to sort bookmarks by dragging them around. Once I realized this thing's power, I decided to make it my start page everywhere (Firefox, Brave, and Safari).

Noah Lewis
We're currently using minimarks to share web apps and design resources with our entire team. It helps our agency stay organized and work better together.
Emma Walker

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