5 Reasons You Need a New Bookmark Manager—and Why minimarks Might Be the One for You!

Like most of us, you probably have a few bookmarks saved in your browser. But what happens when you need to find a specific bookmark and can't remember which browser or device you had saved it on? Or what if you want to share a link with a friend but can't remember the URL? Maybe you've been typing into the search bar, hoping your site is still in your history (that is, until the next time you clear your cache--ouch!). If you've encountered roadblocks like these, it's a great time to try a bookmark manager with the features you need and enjoy a more seamless browsing experience.

Without further ado, here are five reasons you might want to try a new bookmark manager.

You can't find your bookmarks!

Bookmark overload is a common problem, especially if you have a lot of articles and sites. A good bookmark manager can help you organize them neatly so you can find what you're looking for faster. For example, minimarks allows you to display your collections as an icon grid or a reading list--whichever makes more sense for your specific use case. Our compact UI lets you see more of your bookmarks at a glance, and you can also use our intelligent search bar to find them quickly. You'll also love that our app can launch your links straight from the search bar—without a single click!

You want to share your bookmarks with others

Some bookmark managers can help you share bookmarks with others, which can be helpful. Whether you're collaborating with a friend or want to stay connected with your team, minimarks lets you easily share collections and keep everyone on the same page. You can even add comments to your bookmarks and chat real-time with your team members.

You want to publish your bookmarks

If you're looking for a link-in-bio tool or a way to share some of your bookmarks with the world, some bookmark managers can help you do that. For example, minimarks lets you make bookmark collections public in just one click; this is perfect for creators looking to promote their brands, writers showcasing their latest articles, and anyone looking to publish links instantly.

You need to access your bookmarks anywhere

If you're a regular webbie, chances are you've amassed a lot of bookmarks over the years. They're probably spread out across multiple browsers and devices, making it difficult to track them all. In that case, you might want a bookmark manager that syncs across your devices. minimarks is a web-based app, which means it works on all browsers and devices, and you can even set it as your start page for ease of use.

You're looking for the latest headlines

If you want to keep up with your favorite blog or news site, a bookmark manager with built-in RSS capabilities is the way to go. minimarks lets you add RSS feeds as bookmark collections, automatically showing the latest headlines and articles as they come in.


As you can see, the right bookmark manager can help you organize, sync, and share your bookmarks with others without complicating your life.

If you're ready to upgrade your bookmark experience, we think you'll love minimarks. Click here to create an account and take it for a spin—no credit card required.