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We may not be many, but we are an army. We exist to make the best cross-browser bookmark manager and start page.

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Seb Fontan


Seb is a web entrepreneur obsessed with all things business and software. In the spring of 2022, Seb worked nonstop for three months to create the first version of minimarks, which won #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Today, Seb continues to lead the team on a quest to be the #1 cross-browser start page.

Stephanie Fontan


Stephanie is Seb's girlfriend and longtime collaborator. After graduating with a political science degree from the University of Oregon, she teamed up with Seb and has been his witty, fierce, and loyal companion ever since. As part of a small team, Stephanie is used to wearing many hats—from a content writer to wartime consiglieri—and is our official video presenter on YouTube.