Our story

Get to know the story behind minimarks—the compact bookmark manager for teams and web enthusiasts.

No success without failure

In the spring of 2022, after a string of failures and losing most of my web design clients during the pandemic, I found myself juggling multiple client projects and running around frantically to stay afloat. This had me switching back and forth between different web tools and adding the same bookmarks to every browser to keep working even after I got home.

One day, I decided there had to be a better way and set out to find a bookmark manager that would enable me to be more productive and keep my bookmarks in sync across browsers.

In addition, I wanted to see all of my bookmarks and share links with Stephanie, my girlfriend, and collaborator.

To my surprise, nothing in the market seemed like the correct answer. There were many bookmark managers out there, but none were quite right for me. Some were hard to use and didn't let me share my bookmarks. Others were ugly and clunky.

That afternoon, after searching and failing to find the bookmark manager of my dreams, I decided to build it.

Launch day

The idea was simple yet magical. I wanted to build a cross-browser start page that would be compact and enable me to collect and share my bookmarks easily.

Over the next three months, I worked 14+ hours each day building what would become minimarks.

Compact, check. Link sharing, check. Simple UI, check.

After some time spent making improvements, minimarks launched on Product Hunt on August 13, 2022. That day, we earned a #3 Product of the Day badge and picked up over a hundred users.

A few months later, we launched on AppSumo as a marketplace deal and later as a featured product on PitchGround. Both of these platforms have been amazing and have helped us grow massively.

The future is bright

I created minimarks to help you make the most of your bookmarks, keep your sites and documents organized, and enable you to share and publish links intuitively.

Today, we have hundreds of users who are passionate about our product and help spread the word. We even have our own Facebook user group to discuss updates and upcoming features.


Seb Fontan