Welcome to our latest update—minimarks 2023-02 Starlight. This update focuses on improvements that will make everyday bookmarking more convenient. Magnification Effect This update introduces an all-new icon magnification hover effect, giving users an alternative to the previous opacity hover effect. While magnification is the default hover effect, you can change this in the appearance settings. […]

Welcome to our first release of the year—minimarks 2023-01 Daffodil. This update introduces practical actions that help you get things done faster and be more productive. Copy links Sometimes you need to copy a URL to share with someone outside minimarks. With Daffodil, we’ve introduced shortcuts to help you copy individual bookmark links and all […]

Welcome to version 2022-12, codenamed Starling. This update contains many under-the-hood improvements and a very special feature you’re going to love. Bookmark tags You can now tag your bookmarks for quicker access. Bookmarks can have one or multiple tags to help you organize them to your liking. Recent updates 2022-12 Starling also makes official the […]

Welcome to our newest release, 2022-11, codenamed Pine Cone! Features This update represents a major leap for minimarks and includes several exciting new features and improvements. Browser extensions We’ve released Chrome and Firefox extensions to help you bookmark tabs in one click—without having to copy-paste your URLs into minimarks. Side-by-side collections You can now display […]

We’re excited to bring you our newest update, 2022-10, codenamed “Maple Leaf,” packed full of user-suggested features and improvements to upgrade your bookmarking experience. Spaces First up, Spaces! This is a feature we think you’re going to love. If you’re using minimarks as your primary bookmark manager (and we hope you are!), chances are you […]

Like most of us, you probably have a few bookmarks saved in your browser. But what happens when you need to find a specific bookmark and can’t remember which browser or device you had saved it on? Or what if you want to share a link with a friend but can’t remember the URL? Maybe […]

We’re excited to announce the launch of minimarks, a web-based bookmark manager and start page built for the modern world. minimarks is the perfect place to save articles, code snippets, songs, movie trailers, recipes, and anything else you come across while browsing. Featuring a one-page UI, instant search, reading lists, bookmark sharing and syncing, and […]