2022-12 Starling: Search Your Bookmarks Using Tags

Welcome to version 2022-12, codenamed Starling.

This update contains many under-the-hood improvements and a very special feature you're going to love.

Bookmark tags

You can now tag your bookmarks for quicker access. Bookmarks can have one or multiple tags to help you organize them to your liking.

Recent updates

2022-12 Starling also makes official the many features and improvements we've been adding over the past few weeks.

To recap, you can now:

  • Add up to 4 columns in each of your spaces
  • Choose a default space that will open at login
  • Display up to 20 RSS links per collection
  • And follow other users by visiting their public page

Coming soon

More exciting updates are on the way!

Join the minimarks user group to see what we're working on next and contribute your ideas. You can also follow us on Twitter, where we post updates a few times a week.